Is Weight Loss a Trick of the Mind?

Rebecca Donoghue, Hypnotherapist

Does the answer to sustainable weight loss lie in the subconscious mind? 11th January 2019

We’re almost half way through January and as more than 60% of adults in England are overweight or obese**, millions of us will have started some sort of new health regime - a low-calorie diet, a low-carb diet, joined a gym, maybe started running or joined a slimming club. However, research suggests that a rapid weight loss plan can lead to eventual weight regain* (and maybe even to a heavier weight than you were in the first place).

The problem is that most rapid weight loss plans are unsustainable and don’t tackle the reason why many people are overweight in the first place.

Overeating is often due to childhood programming – were you ever encouraged by a well-meaning parent or grandparent to eat it all up (even if your stomach was telling you it had had enough)? Maybe you weren’t allowed to leave the table until your plate was empty? And most of us have been given sweet treats as a reward or to cheer us up when were sad. Which leads me to my next point…

Many of us condition ourselves to overeat in response to our emotions – when we are feeling down, stressed or even bored. This develops a poor relationship with food that can be difficult to overcome unless we tackle the root cause, the reasons why we linked overeating to our emotions in the first place.

So how do we lose excess weight and keep it off long term? And how do naturally slim people successfully manage their weight?

‘The Truth about Slim People’, a Channel 4 documentary, found that after studying the eating habits of ‘naturally slim’ people, none of them followed a special ‘diet’ – in fact some of the time they did eat high calorie meals or foods, yet still managed to maintain their naturally slim state.

So how were these people managing to sustain this? The answer lies in ‘self – regulation’. They recognised when their bodies had had more calories than they needed and naturally felt less hungry, so ate fewer calories following that. The program also identified that these ‘naturally slim’ people were doing this subconsciously. So, it was their subconscious that had developed a positive relationship with food and regulated the amount of calories they were consuming.

In conclusion, in order to lose weight and maintain it, working to change your habits and your relationship with food on a subconscious level could be the key to your success.

Hypnotherapy can help you to control your weight as it works on a subconscious level to reprogram your mind to tackle the root causes of your overeating and adapt healthy new habits and beliefs to support your self-regulation.

By Rebecca Donoghue - Clinical Hypnotherapist – B.A. Hons. Dip. Hyp. ISCH GQHP

* ‘The effect of rate of weight loss on long term weight management’


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