While Massage is an excellent therapy for experiencing total relaxation and peace of mind, there are many other benefits to massage treatment. 

We are slowly losing our agility. We have our necks in a downward position for much of the day looking at a screen, we sit too much, our cars help us reverse without having to turn our heads...and this trend continues. 

Massage can help release muscle tension and return muscle suppleness and flexibility. This is so important! Joseph Pilates (the father of Pilates movement) said, "You are only as old as your spine". He was right!

Massage also provides lymph drainage and moves fluids and nutrients around the body, can improve your sleep, concentration and well being, repair and help prevent injuries, clear knots, aches and pains and improve your skin. And that's not even a comprehensive list!  

It also feels Amazing!

Sports Massage

Sports massage uses deep tissue techniques to relax tension, ease aching muscles and bring blood flow to the affected area which feeds the tissues and repairs them.

A sports massage is made up of a collection of vigorous and deep tissue massage techniques. I want to learn about your daily routines, sports, and lifestyle so I can determine what is causing you discomfort. I do this through an interview, examination and hands on assessment.

Sports massage is beneficial for athletes and non-athletes. Athletes will benefit from regular sports massage while training to keep their muscles pliant. Non-athletes can develop muscle pain through their daily routines, exercise and hobbies which deep tissue massage can alleviate.

Swedish Massage

My aim with Swedish massage is to treat you to an hour of complete physical and mental relaxation. I want you to feel relaxed, soothed, light, and clear headed when you leave; as if you’ve had a holiday!

Low lighting, candles, music, soft sheets and lots of pillows create a relaxing environment enabling you to switch off and let go for an hour. Long, soothing massage strokes are used to stimulate circulation and ease tired muscles leaving you tension free and refreshed.

Gentle, medium pressure massage techniques can promote healing, aid sleep and encourage better health.

Aroma Touch Massage

Aroma touch massage is a way to use essential oils in a clinical setting. This massage offers all the benefits of massage - improved sleep, a sense of well-being, reduces stress (to name a few) as well as the benefits of the oils themselves. 

All essential oils used in the massage are doTERRA Oils. The Aroma Touch Massage uses eight specific essential oils and blends which support the immune system, provide relaxation and stress relief, decrease pain and inflammation and lift your mood. 

Pregnancy Massage

My aim in pregnancy massage is to both pamper the mother and addresses any issues that are creating discomfort.

Through interview and hands on assessment I can determine which areas most require attention and focus. Using long, soothing, relaxing massage strokes, the circulation is stimulated bringing nutrients to the muscles and easing aches and pains in the areas that need them most – like the shoulders, lower back and legs.

Each treatment is tailored to your body and your requirements so you can expect lasting relaxation.

I believe gentle, holistic treatments promote healing and encourage better health. Perfect for the mother to be!

Hot Stones Massage

Hot stones massage is much more than just a luxury treatment - although it is luxurious! Here’s what else hot stones can do for you…


  • Pain is reduced with heat, causing an anaesthesia effect

  • Heat allows the massage therapist to work deeper

  • Heat comforts, calms the nervous system and helps the client relax thereby reducing their stress and anxiety

  • Muscles and fascia become more flexible when heated, increasing movement leaving you with a looser feeling overall

  • Heat increases the blood supply which brings nutrients to injured areas helping them to heal quicker


A variety of techniques, pressure and stones are used in the massage. Oil, soft music and lighting all complement the luxurious feel of the treatment.


Hot stones massage soothes sore muscles, eases tension everywhere leaving you relaxed and happy.

Deep Tissue Full Body Workout

I’ve created this massage using a fusion blend of techniques I’ve learned over the years. I've combined my favourite massage tools together in one, long, relaxing, deep massage. One client calls it the: "Walk-Out-With-a-New-Body Massage". 

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