Kirsty Pearson

Family Wellbeing & Relaxation Coach

As a mother myself, I am passionate about sharing simple, effective wellbeing tools with families. Tools that are quick and easy to use, but that are fun so that you will enjoy doing them as a family regularly and they will slot into your daily routines without a fuss.


My background as a specialist Domestic Abuse Practitioner and my further training in Relax Kids, Mini Me Yoga, Story Massage, and Holistic Therapy, have given me a wide range of tools, tips, and tricks I can share with you to support your family's wellbeing.


As our world becomes increasingly digital and connected, our need to pause - to relax and restore - becomes greater. When we come together as a family to do this, we provide our children (and ourselves) with the lifelong resources/skills they need to nurture and support their wellbeing.


Skills that will aid in emotional awareness and regulation, that will enhance and build on their natural resilience, and provide them with roots that are grounded in self love, trust and confidence. In a world in which 1 in 10 children and young people (aged 5-15) experience Mental Ill Health - this is a great gift indeed.

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