Touch for Health Kinesiology is the most widely used system of kinesiology in the world. Kinesiology is a system of energy balance and healing that uses muscle bio-feedback to determine stress patterns in the body, identifying techniques to support maintenance of health, enhance well-being and upgrade performance in the business of life.

Kinesiology draws upon a wide range of gentle yet extremely powerful techniques using principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western practice. Kinesiology does not treat or diagnose symptoms, but evaluates the energy, lifestyle and aspirations of each client.

Using muscle testing, biofeedback and dialogue, energetic connections are made between muscles and acupuncture meridians to reveal stress patterns in the body.  Kinesiologists use this information to identify where and how to manually apply stimuli to decrease body stress and bring better balance of posture, attitude and life energy. 

Touch for Health Kinesiology is a client interactive healing modality, conducted fully clothed in a variety of therapeutic positions such as seated or standing.  Reported benefits include: relief of stress, aches and pains; increased range of physical motion; improved mental clarity and focus; increased effectiveness towards achieving goals; feeling and functioning better; enjoying and experiencing more in life.

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