Grief Coaching

The role of a life coach is generally to help clients make changes to their lives in order to achieve personal goals.  With grief coaching the aim is to support you while you understand and work through your grief to a point where you can begin to rebuild your life.  Here at the Good Health Clinic the grief coaching is delivered using a psycho-educational programme The Grief Recovery Method®.

By looking at the beliefs and assumptions you have learned in the past you will begin to understand the habits that you have developed, and why you may have become stuck in your grief.

The programme will help you discover what you might have been doing to try and help yourself feel better, but which hasn’t really dealt with your underlying grief issues.

You will learn what “unfinished business” you have relating to the losses in your life and will be taught a number of actions that will help you let go of the past and find a sense of peace. Once learnt, these tools will be there for you to use for the rest of your life.

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