Geraldine Mace

Grief & Relationship Coach

Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss of any kind.  We will all encounter loss during our lifetime.  Sadly, in our society it is an often neglected and misunderstood process that we have been left ill-prepared to deal with.   

Most people relate grief to being bereaved when in actual fact things like relationship breakdown, redundancy, loss of a pet and retirement (to name but a few) can bring about feelings of grief.  Because we haven’t been taught how, we often don’t grieve in a way that brings us to a conclusion and we are left with unfinished business around our loss.  As we go through life and accumulate more losses it can have a real impact on our ability to be happy.

I spent the majority of my working career within the NHS but when I reached my late-forties I experienced a number of losses including the breakdown of a 30 year marriage.  Even though the relationship had been failing for a while I was devastated.  Nothing had prepared me for the heartbreak I felt and the other associated losses that came with it. Even though I had worked as a Bereavement Support Worker with Cruse in the past, because no-one had died, I didn’t realise I was grieving and there was little out there to help me heal my broken heart. 


During my quest to find something that would help I became a certified life coach and a year later found the thing that helped me most when I became an advanced grief recovery specialist.      

My passion is to help you complete what is unfinished with your lost relationships so you can rediscover your energy and capacity for happiness. 

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