Elena Holmes

BSc (Psychology), MA, PgDip (Nutritional Therapy), MSc (Nutrition Science)

We all eat. We all want to be healthy. We all want to live life at its fullest, feeling great, full of energy and vigour.

There is increasing evidence that a healthy lifestyle, a huge part of which is nutrition, enhances one’s wellbeing and helps to avoid many chronic diseases. A good, personalised diet can support and even considerably improve the lives of those who are already suffering from allergies, excessive weight, poor digestion, high cholesterol and many other problems.

But there are many contradictory opinions and you may ask, whom or what should I believe? Whom can I trust? What is the right way of eating?

I have always been interested in the most rigorous scientific approach – and great tasting, wholesome, wonderfully looking food and cooking. And health. The advice I will give you will be based on scientific research and knowledge and tailored to your specific needs and requirements, to your life and social situation, your cooking skills and your …taste!

I am looking forward to seeing you and to helping you to improve your health and quality of life.

Be Happy and Healthy!

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