I believe that the Good Health Clinic provides the best local complementary health solutions available to improve the quality of your day to day living. Our therapies help enhance your strength, wellness, mindfulness, personal empowerment and physical flexibility.

Having worked for many years as a homeopath and then massage therapist in the local area, I have seen first hand the benefits complementary therapy can bring to athletes, desk workers, soldiers, nurses, students... and people of all occupations and ages. I created the Good Health Clinic out of a desire to bring under one roof, a reliable, complementary range of therapies. Thus making it easier for people to access life enhancing and changing healthcare in one easy to reach town centre location. 

My second aim is to support local complementary therapists with networking and training opportunities.With this in mind, the Clinic offers business training and networking support to all therapists. As a client, this means you are receiving the best possible care from a well educated and practised therapist.

I am proud of the therapists who work at the  Good Health Clinic and the excellent service and care they provide to all clients. 

Be well again!

Good Health Clinic Ltd.

27a Finkle Street Selby YO8 4DT


01757 429685